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Finding the easiest way to the beach in Sea pines can get confusing if you are not well acquainted with the area.

Sea Pines Beach Access: What GPS Won't Tell You

With over 5,200 acres of winding roads, trails, lagoons and golf courses, finding the easiest way to get to the beach in Sea Pines can get confusing. On top of that, there have been a number of changes recently to parking at the beach club and the shuttle/trolley system. To help simplify things, here is how Sea Pines beach access works:

Walking and Biking

Between Sea Pines Drive and the beach, there is usually a numbered beach access point every 450 ft. Within Sea Pines, there are 48 of these paths and they can be accessed by foot or by bike. If you are staying in a house that is 3 rows from the beach, getting to the nearest pathway is very easy. If you are much farther away, you'll have to use the trail system to get there. Click here for the trail system map. (While the map is titled "Sea Pines Bike Trail Map", bikers and walkers use the same trails).

sea pines beach acess path
As you get closer to the beach, you'll see one of these numbered beach access points.


Parking near the beach in Sea Pines is a gamble during the year's busiest months since there are a limited number of parking spaces available. To help offset parking congestion, beachgoers are encouraged to use the Sea Pines Beach Shuttle and the Sea Pines Trolley.

Sea Pines Beach Shuttle

The Beach Shuttle runs from late March to early September from 9am to 5pm. Sea Pines property owners, weekly rental pass holders and long term renters can use it. Daily pass holders cannot access the shuttle. Here are the rules and disclaimers. Scroll down to page 2 for the route maps.

Sea Pines Trolley

There are three main routes for the Sea Pines Trolley. This is where they run with designated stops along the way:

  • Red Route: From near the Greenwood Gate to Harbour Town
  • Blue Route: From Harbour Town to the Sea Pines Beach Club
  • Green Route: From Harbour Town to South Beach Village

Like the shuttle, the trolley mostly runs from late March to early September. Depending on the route and time of year, it runs as early as 9am to 10pm and sometimes later. Here are the rules and disclaimers. Scroll down to page 2 for the route maps and time tables.

Beach Parking

If you don't want to walk, bike, trolley or shuttle, here's what you need to know about beach parking:

Sea Pines Beach Club

Each year, Sea Pines tends to make changes to how it manages parking at the beach club. Here's a summary of its 2019 plan:

The Sea Pines Beach Club parking plan is actively managed from late March to early September from 8am to 4pm. During that time, there is a Sea Pines Resort staff manager on-site to oversee parking.

The Sea Pines Beach Club Covenants allow the following groups the "right of access" to the first 50 available parking spaces: Sea Pines property owners, overnight guests in rental and resort accommodations within Sea Pines, owners of Sea Pines boat slips, members of the Harbour Town Yacht Club and guests of the Sea Pines Resort. Sea Pines has control over who uses the remaining 108 spaces. If beach club parking is full, Sea Pines may open up remaining spaces at the Plantation Golf Club. Visitors with daily/weekly gate passes that are not staying at a Sea Pines property cannot park at the beach club.

Sea Pines Tower Beach Club

This beach club in South Beach is reserved for Sea Pines property owners. There is a guard on-site that requires owners to present their property owner id card to gain access.

Enjoy your time in Sea Pines, have a happy day at the beach and contact us with any comments or questions.

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