5 Things Hilton Head Oceanfront Condo Buyers Might Not Know
An oceanfront view from Villamare, a complex within Palmetto Dunes. 

When considering Hilton Head oceanfront condos for sale, here are a few points that most first time buyers don’t know about:

1. One-Bedroom Condos Usually Get A Great Return on Investment

Within the Hilton Head oceanfront condo buildings from Sea Pines to Palmetto Dunes, there are a small number of one-bedroom units available. There is also a steady demand from couples with no children looking for an oceanfront view for the week. That combination of supply and demand usually means a strong rental performance. One-bedroom condos have a lower combination of fees, taxes and insurance, which translate into a higher percentage of annual net income. Here are the one-bedroom oceanfront condos that are for sale. A few complexes with one-bedroom condos that perform well on the rental market are:

2. Glass sliders: Kind Of a Big Deal

When inspecting an oceanfront condo, most buyers rightly worry about the condition of the HVAC. If it goes out, it's a big-ticket item to replace. Most buyers don't think about the cost of replacing glass sliders. They are more expensive than most people realize because the Town of Hilton Head requires new glass sliders to have impact-resistant glass. As a result, the cost is usually twice the amount of normal glass sliders. Our standard sales contract on Hilton Head protects sellers in most circumstances from replacing glass sliders. However, take a close look at them before making an offer on a condo. Is the glass fogged? Is the frame falling apart? Does it slide back and forth easily? Does the locking mechanism work? There are many ways to keep older sliders serviceable. However, if you know you are going to replace them, keep the cost in mind when negotiating with the seller on the condo.

3. Where Is The Ocean?

Not all Hilton Head oceanfront condos for sale have views of the ocean. There are many that have views obstructed by trees, complex amenities or the side of a building. When viewing these condos online, it may be tough to see how good the view actually is. That's why it's important to walk through a condo before making an offer. Buyers that purchase properties sight unseen, even when exercising thorough due diligence, usually have regrets.

hilton head development with common pool area
An example of an obstructed ocean view.

4. Be Wary Of Rental Histories from VRBO

VRBO is a site where owners have historically paid a nominal service charge to advertise and book their rental properties instead of hiring a rental management company. When VRBO was purchased by Expedia a few years ago, a number of changes were made that affected the rental performance for many properties. These changes included higher service fees, challenging performance metrics that pushed many properties down in the rankings and more restricted communication between owners and renters. As a result, if you see a rental history from a few years ago through VRBO, a new owner may not be able to achieve the same performance.

5. Volume: It Might Get Loud

There are a few Hilton Head oceanfront condos where you will get a recurring concert when you walk out on your balcony. That's because there is a live outdoor music venue nearby. That might be a plus for you, and it certainly is for many renters that want to be in the center of the action during the prime rental season, but there are other buyers that want more peace and quiet. Complexes like Hampton Place, Windsor Court, Windsor Place and Barrington are usually quieter even during the busy season. As your agent will probably tell you, it's important to consider the community first and then narrow in on a complex.

There are many factors to consider when shopping for Hilton Head oceanfront condos for sale. Since we specialize in oceanfront properties, we can take out the guesswork and minimize surprises. Contact us if you have any questions about Hilton Head oceanfront condos for sale.

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